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A certain amount of preparation is necessary to ensure that the surface is smooth and the paint adheres properly. Without good preparation, your exterior wall will look shoddy and the paint will eventually peel and crack.

Exterior painting preparation

Our exterior painting process involves

Below is a step-by-step process of what our exterior painting preparation involves.

Step 1: Protecting the area to be painted: The surrounding area will be protected to prevent damage during the painting process. Our team will clear the area by getting rid of anything that is close to the wall that may get damaged during the painting process.

Step 2: Removal of old paint: If the old paint is flaking or chipping, our team will remove it to ensure that the surface is smooth.

Step 3: Fixing imperfections: All imperfections in the exterior walls such as nail holes gouge in the surface, and any other thing that may affect the quality of the painted surface is removed.

Step 4: Cleaning: Sanding generates a lot of dust. Our team will clean the surface before they start to paint.

Step 5: Priming: The next step is applying primer to the surface to mask off all minor imperfections and also make the paint look uniform.

Step 6: Masking areas that are not being painted: Any area in your house exterior that will not be painted will be masked.

step 7: Buying quality paint: The final step of exterior wall paint preparation is buying high-quality paint that will adhere to the surface properly and last for a long time. Our team will help you make the right choice when selecting paints for your home exterior.

Do I need to sand before painting the exterior?

Yes, sanding the exterior walls is necessary before the actual painting. Sanding not only helps to smoothen the exterior walls by getting rid of uneven surfaces but also provides a strong mechanical bond between the coats of paint. If you fail to sand before painting your exterior walls, the paint may look great at first but it will start to show all sorts of imperfections a few months later.


Is primer necessary for exterior painting?

YES, primer plays a crucial role in an exterior painting project. This resin-based material acts as the initial coat of the exterior paint job and it effectively seals the underlying surface so that other materials including the paint cannot soak or penetrate into the underlying materials. Priming also promotes proper adhesion of the paint. If you skip priming, then you risk the paint peeling off, especially during humid conditions.


Can You Paint Home Exteriors in Rainy Weather?


Although it is possible to paint your home exterior in rainy weather, it is not a wise move. Rain will wash away wet paint off the surface. The paint will also will not adhere to the surface properly. If the paint does not get enough time to adhere to the surface properly, it will be washed away easily when it starts to rain. It is always recommended that you avoid painting your home’s exterior on rainy days.


Is it better to roll or spray exterior house paint?

When painting the house exterior, it is always recommended that you roll as opposed to spaying. Rolling is ideal because it applies the paint much thicker thus giving better coverage compared to spaying. It is also much easier to be precise when rolling. It eliminates the risk of things like over spraying. If you want to get quality and durable results, you should roll as opposed to spraying the exterior paint.

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