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If you are looking for a repeatable company to repair or paint your render in Werribee, Australia, then look no further than Prestige House Painting company. Our skilled and experienced team will fix all issues and paint your render with high-quality paint to give your house exterior a beautiful look.

Render Painting and Repairs in Werribee

Preparing for rendering wall painting in Werribee

Do you want to paint your render? Below is our pro step-by-step guide to preparing for rendered wall painting.

Step 1: Remove loose paint or material from the surface: Remove any loose paint material from the wall surface if the render has been previously painted. Inspect it to see if it is intact. If there are areas that are loose, remove them using a paint scraper.

Step 2: Repair holes and cracks: If there are holes or cracks in the wall, fix them using an exterior filler. Once the filler has completely dried, sand it using sandpaper to create a smooth surface.

Step 3: Clean the render: Once the exterior surface is free from damage, the next step is to clean it. Cleaning is very important before painting the render. It helps to prevent the growth of algae which can damage the paint.

Step 4: Mask the edges of the render: Put a dust sheet on the floor to prevent paint spill then mask all edges of the render to prevent painting areas that don’t need to be painted.

What is the purpose of rendering a wall?

Rendering a wall is crucial because it makes the wall more durable by making it water-repellent. Rendering the wall makes the wall breathable thus allowing moisture to escape. Although it does not contribute to the house’s structural integrity, it will make your wall surface tough and prevent it from cracking.

How long does rendering on a wall last?

Rendering on a wall can last for between 20 and 40 years. The difference in lifespan is attributed to how well the job is done, the type of render applied, and also how clean the wall was prior to application. For instance, a lime render can last for up to 40 years while a concrete render can only salt for about 7 years.

Maintain your rendered wall – Rendered maintenance

Just like bricks or any other building façade, render usually gets damaged over time and thus needs regular maintenance. 


How you maintain your render will determine how long it lasts. Below are tips on how to maintain your rendered wall.

Wash it regularly

Rendered walls need to be cleaned regularly to prevent the buildup of mold, algae, and other environmental contaminants.

Repair cracks

Inspect the render and check for any cracks and holes. Fix them and make sure they retain the same level and texture as the existing render.

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