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How your doors and windows are painted will not only determine how attractive they look but also determine how long they will last. That is why you need to ensure that your doors and windows are painted by a professional who is experienced in painting windows and doors. At Prestige House Painting, we have a team of experts who are committed to giving our clients quality and satisfactory services. Regardless of how small or big your project is, you are guaranteed great results.

Professional Door and Window painters in Werribee

Our process for door and window painting

Step1: Preparation of equipment

The first process of painting doors and windows is preparing all necessary equipment. Preparation helps to ensure that all necessary painting equipment needed is available thus making the painting process easier.

Step 2: Cleaning the door and window frames

The next process is cleaning the doors and window frames. Getting rid of dirt and debris from the doors and window frame will ensure that the paint solidly adheres to the surface.

Step 3: Masking unpainted area’s

Once our team is done cleaning the doors and windows, they will cover all parts that don’t need to be painted such as door hinges and door knobs with masking tape.

Step 4: Flattening wood surface

If your door or window frame is badly damaged and has some textural defects our team will use wood filler to fill the damaged wood surface.

Step 5: First painting

Our technicians will first prepare the paint by mixing it with a solvent. They will then do the first painting

Step 6: Sanding to smoothen the texture

After the first coat is applied, our painters will wait for it to dry completely before sanding. This process will help to smoothen the texture of the wood that has been painted.

Step 7: Second coat

Once we are done with sanding, we will apply the second coat. We will then complete the painting process by applying clear coat paint to beautify the doors and windows frame as well as protect them from harsh weather.

Which paint is best for doors and windows?


The best paint for doors and windows is oil-based gloss paint. These paints are ideal because they are hard wearing and result in a great finish. They hold up better for cleaning and can also withstand harsh weather. They are also wear and stain resistant compared to other options available on the market.

Is your painting service affordable?

YES, our painting services are arguably the most affordable in Werribee, . The reason why our painting services are very affordable is that we are committed to offering quality painting services to our customers without compromising on quality, we strive to offer  great service as our customers  always come first Feel free to ask us any questions  as we always try to work within our customers budget. Our team will listen to you and work with your budget or give you a flexible payment option.

What paint is used on door frames?



The recommended paint for interior door frames is high-gloss or semi-gloss water based paint. For the exterior, a water-based exterior paint is recommended. These paints adhere better to the surface and are much better at repelling grime and dust.

Why choose us for window and door painting?

You should choose us because our customers come first. Our highly experienced and skilled painters will go above and beyond to ensure that they deliver quality painting service that will meet or even surpass your expectations. We always use the best quality products that are durable and deliver a great finish. Our window and door panting service is also very affordable.

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